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Re: Customized package list

[Christian Kuelker]
> I would like to know if this list is complete.

I'll at least comment on it.

> Customized packages
> ===================
> The following packages are customized for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux,
> according to Petter Reinholdtsen:

There are two levels of customization at work here.  One is modified
packages, were we provide our own because the packages in debian are
insuffucuent for debian-edu need.  The other is overriden
configuration by rewriting or replacing configuration files.

I've updated the list to document where we provide patched packages,
and where we provide configuration or debconf answers, as well as
fixed a few typos in the list.  I based it on the content of the
debian-edu-install and debian-edu-config packages, but might have
forgotten some of them.

  sysklogd (config)
  ntp (patch, debconf, config)
  dhcp3-server (config)
  slapd[openldap] (config, debconf)
  squid (config, debconf)
  apache (config)
  webmin (config)
  libnss-ldap (config)
  libpam-ldap (config, debconf)
  pam/nss[libc6] (config)
  nagios (patch, config)
  samba (config, debconf)
  bind9 (config)
  cups (config)
  openssh (config)
  exim4-config (config, debconf)
  courier-imap-ssl (config, debconf)
  adduser (config)

  base-config (debconf)
  passwd (debconf)
  lessdisks (debconf)
  calamaris (debconf)
  foomatic-bin (debconf)
  fetchmail (debconf)
  slbackup (debconf)
  ifplugd (debconf)
  krb5 (debconf)
  cvs (debconf)
  kdm (debconf)
  atftpd (debconf)
  apt (config)
  inetd (config)
  ntp-server (config)
  autofs (config)
  autofs-ldap (config)
  munin (config)

Please lets move this discussion to debian-edu@, and drop the
crossposting.  Reply-to set to try to make this happen.

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