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Re: AX:02120 BX:2200 DX:0100

Hi Klaus,				
Am 13.02.2005 um 15:26 schrieb Klaus Ade Johnstad:
I've seen this a lot myself, comes from bad floppy/floppydrive.
Try making the floppy on a different machine.
I've written the image on an other machine (but alway the same). I'll try to write with the same drive that will read it and also change the drive on my server machine. I still have some of them but i dont want to buy a new floppydrive since I dont use them anymore.

I forgot to tell: the floppy drive tries to read endless, so maybe you're right!
Otherwise I had a try starting MSDOS from that drive and it run.

Thanks a lot!
Dirk Wenzel

may contain nuts!

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