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Fwd: Free Software Conference @ Manresa (Spain)

Wer fährt nach Spanien? :))

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Subject: Free Software Conference @ Manresa (Spain)
Date: Donnerstag 01 Juli 2004 22:37
From: Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org>
To: debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org

  I've attached to this message a Press note about a Free Software
  Conference that is going to take place next week at Manresa. While
 the Conference is not Debian specific it has ended up having a lot of
 Debian related talks and events:

  - Thursday mornig we will have a Custom Distributions session with
 two talks; one given by Ian Murdock about Progeny's Componentized
 Linux and another one introducing the Custom Debian Distributions
 concept, given by myself.

  - Thursday afternoon there will be a Workshop about Free Software
    Translation that will be given by Jordi Mallach, a well known
 Debian Developer and very active member of a lot of Catalan L10N

  - Saturday morning there will be a Debian session with two talks; one
    about Debian GNU/k*BSD given by Guillem Jover and Robert Millan and
    another one titled 'Debian, the community driven distribution'
    given by Martin Michlmayr, our current DPL.



Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org>   <http://people.debian.org/~sto/>
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 III Jornades de Programari Lliure
 7-10 de juliol de 2004, Campus Manresa UPC
The third edition of the Free Software Conference (http://jornadespl.upc.es/)
at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) will take place from the 7th to
the 10th of July at Manresa (Catalonia, Spain).

The Comissioner of Technologies and Communications of the Catalan Autonomous
Goverment (La Generalitat de Catalunya), Oriol Ferran, will attend the
inaugural round table on free software and public administration, moderated by
the well-known journalist Vicent Partal.

Ian Murdock and Martin Michlmayr, founder and current leader of the Debian
project respectively, will also attend this edition which will pay special
attention to this distribution. A Debian catalan developers meeting will take
place during the Conference.

Almost 20 presentations will let us know what is being done around free
software at a local and a global level. Besides the presentations and the
round tables, we have significantly increased the number of workshops in this
edition. The offer includes, among other topics, different tools of
development, multimedia with free software (GIMP, Blender, audio), scientific
tools, and wireless. It is necessary to fill a registration from (registration
is free) to attend the workshops. The same is valid for the conference itself.

Other activities to emphasize are: the lecture on OpenMosix by charge of David
Santos, the special session about legislation of copyright and patents, and
the tutorial on KDE by Antonio Larrosa, a distinguished developer of the
project. The special session on social movements will give us the opportunity
to know a series of social movements that use the free software as a basic
working tool.

Free Software companies will also be present at this Conference, where we will
see sessions by about IBM, Sun, Novell-SuSE-Ximian and HP to explain their

This intense program of activities will be completed with an exhibition of
historical computer material and a Career Projects Competition related with
the free software... and some last minute surprises!

We see the Conference as a meeting point for all those that have an interest
in the free software, and you are all invited to attend!

** Program summary **

You can find the full program at http://jornadespl.upc.es/programa/. You will
find all the workshops in the afternoons from 16:30 to 19:30.

* Wednesday 7
12:00-13:30 Round Table: Free Software and Public Administration

* Thursday 8
09:00-10:00 Lecture of Ian Murdock about the Progeny project

10:45-13:30 special sessions on legislation

* Friday 9
10:45-13:30 special session about distributed process, with lectures of Grid
Computing (IBM) and OpenMosix (David Santo) Tutorial

16:30-19:30 KDE by Antonio Larrosa

* Saturday 10
10:30-13:30 special Debian sessions, with lectures about Debian GNU/k*BSD
(Guillem Jover and Robert Mill� and "The community driven distribution"
(Martin Michlmayr)

15:30-17:30 special session about the social movements with representatives of
Infospace, Pangea, Indymedia, Kernel-Panic...

** Travel and Accommodation **

You can find all the information to reach Manresa at
http://jornadespl.upc.es/localitzacio.html and where to accomodate at

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