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Debian Edu lenny alpha0 prerelease

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This is a first test release (alpha0) of the Skolelinux version based on
Debian Lenny. As this is merely a snapshot of the currently ongoing
development efforts, there are still some features missing or not in the
final state. There are also some bugs not yet fixed. This test release
is for the brave users who want to have a look at the next Skolelinux
release and want to make sure, that their favorite feature is bug free
(or report bugs otherwise).

After months of hard work, a new Skolelinux multi architecture (amd64,
i386 and powerpc) netinstall CD is ready. This is the first test CD
preparing for a Debian/Lenny based release. It is available from FTP,
HTTP and rsync. The CD image size is about 606 MiB.

There are a lot of changes since the last CD/DVD release based on Etch.
Here are some highlights:

* Support for newer hardware: Based on Linux Kernel version 2.6.26 and
X.org version 7.3
* More flexible configuration: The configuration of the local DNS zone
and the DHCP configuration have been moved into LDAP
* Multi architecture network installer CD-Rom (amd64, i386 and powerpc).
* PXE (network boot) installation of addition hosts (Workstations,
Terminal Servers) are now supported by the main server (Tjener).
* Some minor changes under the hood.

Some features have been removed as we thing they are no longer required:
* Singe architecture installer CD-ROMs:
 o Please use the network installer CD or the DVD images instead.

Some features are still not working as they should. We are aware of
these at the moment:
* PowerPC is currently out of date (missing packages).
* LTSP chroot is not created when the Terminal Server is installed using
the new PXE network installer.
* Nagios is not configured automatically through the data collected by
* Some flash based websites are not displayed correctly: Gnash is now
the default flash player, the non free flash plugin can be installed
from lenny-backports (see http://www.backports.org/ for more information).
* DVD does not work properly, this alpha0 release is netinstall image only.

To download this alpha0 multiarch prerelease you can use


The MD5SUM of this image is
debian-edu-lenny-netinstall-alpha0.iso dca1720f76562782b3f08b77b8eabab5

How to report bugs:

Kind regards
Ronny Aasen

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