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Final account run

Hi Developers

Today I have proceeded with the final stage of the account run, which started 
back in September. I have now disabled several accounts.
Here are some figures from my local lists, which I'd like to make public:

47 people wanted their account to be removed/disabled
80 people had their email bouncing
122 people did not answer my emails at all

All these people above got their accounts disabled for now.

53 people wanted to keep their account.

My apologies if I missed any accounts.

Please note that the accounts were only disabled for now and no data was 
deleted. We plan on deleting the accounts, including homedirs in 6 months. If 
you don't want your data to be lost, please speak up until then.

If you are a developer that got had his/her account disabled, please email 
drift@skolelinux.org and ask for it to be enabled again. Please note that 
we'd like to have some trust path, preferrably via gpg key. This key should 
be signed by other developers or be well connected.
Other forms of identification are possible, but gpg is the preferred way. 
We'll handle this requests individually. It is also recommended that you 
create a ticket for us to better track the issues. Please follow the 
guidelines on our wiki page[0].

We plan to start doing the next account run in 8-10 months again.

Debian-Edu/Skolelinux Sysadmins

[0]: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Infrastructure

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