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Account run for the developer machines

Hi Developers

Here are some figures that I'd like to make public to keep you informed.
Several weeks ago, we started to send out the first email asking all 
Debian-Edu/Skolelinux contributors with a developer account to consider their 
account and tell us, whether they still need it or not. We got several 
answers and this is the outcome so far:

37 people wanted their account to be disabled
45 people wanted to keep their account
79 people had their email bouncing
140 people did not reply yet

Yesterday, the second email was sent out and another one will be send in a few 
weeks for the remaining people that did not answer yet. The accounts of the 
people that wanted theirs to be removed or disabled are now disabled.
For the people that don't answer any of the three mails (one still to be sent 
in a few weeks), their accounts will be disabled as well. The people that 
stated to keep their account are highly encouraged to use ssh keys for 
authentication, but it is not mandatory. At the moment, we are trying to see, 
if we know the new email addresses of the people, where the email bounced. If 
we can't reach them soon, their accounts will be disabled too.
All disabled accounts will stay around for a few months and there will be an 
announcement, before they will be deleted. If any of these people need files 
from their homedirs, or want their account back, they should contact 
drift@skolelinux.org .

Debian-Edu/Skolelinux Sysadmins

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