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Live DVD with the Debian Edu Standalone profile available (test version)

To demonstrate the Debian Edu desktop, we have created a Live DVD
image with the desktop packages installed.  It contains the Standalone
profile and the packages installed on laptops, and the desktop
settings for a user in the students group (aka what the pupil will

It is still work in progress, but is working fairly well.  I welcome
feedback on the image to debian-edu@lists.debian.org.  For example, is
the list of applications on the desktop a good set of applications, or
should we add and/or remove some?

One known problem with the image is that it is only showing the
english text by default.  I'm not quite sure how to activate the other

I've started
to have a place to ducument the live images.  Please help me to update

The test images are available from

  rsync ftp.skolelinux.no::cd-etch-live/

At the moment the images are timestamped.  I'm not sure it will stay
like that in the future.

Thanks to Holger for the initial draft and help getting the build

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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