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Re: Please review draft press statement for Skolelinux/DebianEdu 3.0 Terra

Some suggestions:

After <fixme: number of months> of development, a new version of Skolelinux has been released named Terra. Support for Laptops is vastly improved. [A] new and improved system for user administration [has been] added. Improved support for low fat (diskless workstations) and thin client[s] is in place (LTSP 5). [Terra supports] Now supporting USB pens, CD/DVD_ROMS and audio out of the box. For multimedia we recommends low fat clients.

A whole loads of [Many] educational programs has [have] been upgraded, including GCompris, KDE-Edu, OpenOffice.org and Firefox ([now] Iceweasel). Skolelinux can be installed from one DVD supporting more than 50 languages. Net install CD is also available. It's [There's] no license cost [asscoiated with] using Skolelinux.

Skolelinux is the DebianEdu project's Custom Debian Distribution. It's installed on [in] hundreds of schools in Norway, Germany, France and other countries. Municipalities and Commercial Service Providers runs Skolelinux across schools operated and maintained centrally. Service providers report that low fat workstations got [require] half the maintenance cost compared to any [of] other desktop alternative[s].

The next milestone of Skolelinux development will be a merge the Debian based LinEx distro into DebianEdu[1]. Currently LinEx are used by more than 250,000 students and public employees in the region [of] Extremadura in Spain.

Knut Yrvin wrote:
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