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including kiosk modes into debian-edu-config package


I already announced it a while ago, but I didn't get an answer so far, so I 
just want to make sure that the information also reaches the french list.
Some time ago we included kiosk mode support to the debian-edu-config package.
Currently we can add kde specific things to the pacakge by using the KDEDIRS 
variable and the Xsession.d directory or by adding things as a kiosk mode.
To the best of my knowledge the french addon CD contains of various kiosk 
modes and I think we can include them into the debian-edu-config package.
Please go ahead with that and if you need some help do not hesitate to reach 
me on IRC (channel: #debian-edu on OFTC, nickname white). Please keep in mind 
that I am sometimes sleeping when you guys are active as I am in a different 
timezone (Melbourne). 
You can also answer to that mail, but I prefer to do active development via 
IRC (if you reply, please write to debian-edu@lists.debian.org as I would 
like to have devel questions there which concern debian-edu, so that every 
developer has the chance to keep track).
I hope this mail motivates you to get the things into the debian-edu-config 
package as time is running and we should do that right now and I do not see a 
reason to keep it outside the official CD and leave it for an addon CD.

Cheers and thanks in advance

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