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Re: [Schlossgul-ml] french changes to tuxtype

On 14:01 Fri 15 Sep     , Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Holger,

> in Erkelenz in January you showed me some changes the french team did for 
> tuxtype 1.0.4. Since then I packaged and uploaded the new 1.5.4 version, 
> which is now available in etch and sid.

Yes, we did some changes, but I cannot find it so I'm asking who did the changes
and where they are ? :/

> Did you look at the 1.5.4 package? Is there anything missing which you had in 
> your 1.0.4 version, I guess so, but I don't know. Please have a look, and 
> send me bugreports, best with patches.

I just tried the 1.5.6 version, I think they should not be so much changes
between the 1.5.4 and the 1.5.6 version or?

But It works very well :). The list of words is not very important so, I don't
know who made the list for the 1.0.4 version, but this person shoulc reply to this 
mail and send a patch or send me the modifications !

Until somebody send patches, for me this version is good enough.

> Etch will be frozen soon, so please hurry up! (And we will try to release the 
> etch based skolelinux version shortly after...)

Yes, true !!

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