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Re: Ceremonie d'echange de clefs pgp a Erkelenz (28.1.2006)

> Quoting Benjamin Sonntag (benjamin@alternc.org):
> > French translation :
> > 
> > Bonjour,
> > 
> > Le Samedi 28 janvier 2006, il y aura une cérémonie d'échange de clés pgp
> > à Erkelenz.
Sorry that i write again in English :)
Can please somebody translate it? ;-)

Ok, if the person next to me translated it correct you don't know where
Erkelenz is. It's a small town near Aachen. It's close to the border to the 
 Netherlands. Here you can have a look at


I hope that's okay for you, if you have any more questions where Erkelenz
is, don't bother to ask me :).

> J'ai un vague soupçon que Erkelenz soit en Germanie, mais à part cela
> ce n'est guère simple à situer..:-)

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