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First beta release of Debian Edu/Skolelinux based on Debian Wheezy

New features for Debian Edu 7.1+edu0~b0 released 2013-07-27

These are the release notes for for Debian Edu / Skolelinux 7.1+edu0~b0,
based on Debian with codename "Wheezy".

About Debian Edu and Skolelinux

Debian Edu, also known as Skolelinux, is a Linux distribution based on
Debian providing an out-of-the box environment of a completely
configured school network. Immediately after installation a school
server running all services needed for a school network is set up just
waiting for users and machines being added via GOsa², a comfortable
Web-UI. A netbooting environment is prepared using PXE, so after initial
installation of the main server from CD, DVD or USB stick all other
machines can be installed via the network. The provided school server
provides LDAP database and Kerberos authentication service, centralized
home directories, DHCP server, web proxy and many other services. The
desktop contains more than 60 educational software packages and more are
available from the Debian archive, and schools can choose between KDE,
Gnome, LXDE and Xfce desktop environment.

This is the fifth test release based on Debian Wheezy. Basically this is
an updated and slightly improved version compared to the Squeeze

 /!\ Alpha based installations should reinstall or downgrade the
     versions of gosa and libpam-mklocaluser to the ones used in this
     beta release.

Software updates

 * Switched roaming workstation profiles from wicd to network-manager
   for network configuration, as wicd didn't work any more.
 * Changed version numbers of patched gosa and libpam-mklocaluser
   packages to make sure our locally patched versions will be replaced
   by the official packages when they are released from Debian. Those
   installing alpha version need to reinstall or manually downgrade gosa
   and libpam-mklocaluser.
 * Added bluetooth tools to the default desktop (bluedevil, blueman).
 * Added tools for sharing the desktop on KDE (krdc, krfb).
 * Added valgrind to the default installation for easier debugging of
   crash bugs.

Other changes

 * Fixed artwork package to work with gnome, no longer break
   desktop=gnome installations.
 * Adjusted installer to now work when forced to use a proxy with the
   netinst CD.
 * Fixed code detecting and setting/loading hardware specific
   setup/firmware to work more robust out of the box.
 * Adjusted Kerberos setup to detect realm and server settings at
   install time instead of dynamically at run time. This avoid a crash
   with krb5-auth-dialog on diskless workstations without a DNS name.
 * Worked around misfeature in network-manager not calling the dhclient
   exit hooks, causing automatic proxy configuration and automatic host
   name setting at run time to work again.
 * Fixed feature setting the default Iceweasel start page from URL
   fetched from LDAP, to allow schools to set the global default by
   updating the dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no LDAP object.
 * Changed default host name on all networked machines to be unique
   (generated from MAC or reverse DNS) after boot.
 * Adjusted partition sizes to make sure they are big enough.

Known issues

 * Grub is missing the new artwork.
 * KDE fail to understand the wpad.dat file provided, causing it to not
 * use the http proxy as it should.
 * Chromium also fail to use the proxy.

Where to get it

To download the multiarch netinstall CD release you can use

 * ftp://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b0-CD.iso
 * http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b0-CD.iso
 * rsync -avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b0-CD.iso .

The MD5SUM of this image is: 55d5de9765b6dccd5d9ec33cf1a07109
The SHA1SUM of this image is: 996a1d9517740e4d627d100de2d12b23dd545a3f

To download the multiarch USB stick ISO release you can use

 * ftp://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b0-USB.iso
 * http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b0-USB.iso
 * rsync -avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::skolelinux-cd/wheezy/debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b0-USB.iso .

The MD5SUM of this image is: d8f0818c51a78d357de794066f289f69
The SHA1SUM of this image is: 49185ca354e8d0543240423746924f76a6cee733

How to report bugs

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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