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RC1 for Debian Edu lenny 5.0.4+edu1 released


I'm very happy to announce the first release candidate (rc1) of first point 
release (+edu1) of our Lenny release.

Please test these images as much as you can and report back feedback. Except 
for documentation and translation updates, this is intended to become the  
first point release! So please give this it go!

Here are the most remarkable changes since the last test release, 5.0.4+edu0:

 several bugfixes, including fixes for #1436, #1427, #1441, #1413 plus several 
 which were not filed.

 Slovak translation added, updates to German, Basque, Italian, Bokmal, 
 Vietnamese and Chinese translations.

 improvements to Italian, Bokmal and German translations as well as overall 

 various improvements, most notably several nagios checks where added to
 monitor system health.

 fix #1435 (did not work with the LDAP host groups populated by lwat)

The following features are not working as they should: 
 some firmwares are not prompted for installation even though they exist on 
the DVD

The updated images can be downloaded via FTP, HTTP and rsync. The CD image 
size is about 606 MiB and the binary DVD about 4.4 GiB, the source DVD is a 
bit bigger.

To download the rc1 prerelease please point your webbrowser to 
http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux-cd/lenny-prerelease/ or use ftp/rsync as 

The MD5SUM of these images are 

e5fa734d1ba40ea5c68acf6a0efc4df4  debian-edu-5.0.4+edu1-rc1-CD.iso
97d0985048588ee9d9fbd9cc6ad1419e  debian-edu-5.0.4+edu1-rc1-DVD.iso
62ab4ebb907c7077d87dad81f788ec6e  debian-edu-5.0.4+edu1-rc1-source-DVD.iso

The SHA1SUM of these images are 

dc8b5421222a4b24a21bd5a496f4607cdd3065f9  debian-edu-5.0.4+edu1-rc1-CD.iso
c944b9f7d4b598be3c001ddcf1ce2ae72f578e15  debian-edu-5.0.4+edu1-rc1-DVD.iso

How to report bugs:

cheers & happy testing,

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