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Help in organising the next Debian & Stuff(s)

Hey people!

For a while now I've been organising Debian & Stuffs, as I feel it's
important to have a space where people interested in Debian around
Montreal can meet and work together.

Sadly, I don't have tons of time these days, as I have a 3rd job and
still haven't finished my master's thesis :S

All that to say it would be nice if someone would volunteer to help
organise the next few events. It's not a lot of work!

You mainly need to:

1. Send a poll to see when people are free https://date.facil.services/
2. Find a space that can host us
3. Publicise the event (agenda du libre, a few email lists, etc.)

Ping me on IRC if you have quick questions, I normally reply quite fast.


  ⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁  Louis-Philippe Véronneau
  ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   pollo@debian.org / veronneau.org

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