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Re: In Montréal - Sept 12th to 19th

On Tuesday, August 20 2019, Gabriel Filion wrote:

>> On 19-08-18 18 h 45, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
>>> I just would like to mention that I will be in Montréal for GNU Cauldron
>>> (<https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/cauldron2019>) from September 12th to 19th,
>>> and that it would be nice to see you (some again, others for the first
>>> time) :-).
>>> My days will be very busy with the conference + work meeting, but I will
>>> have Monday (16th) free, so perhaps we could do something then?
> I think I might be able to join you folks on the 16th! maybe around
> 19:00 or so (I might be able to leave work earlier and reach a meeting
> place at 18:00 but I usually have difficulty leaving :P )
>>> Vagrant Cascadian, Matthias Klose and probably other DDs will also be in
>>> town for the same conference; I'll talk to them and invite them over
>>> :-).
> Nice, I'd be really glad to meet with all of you!

Hey, thanks for replying, and sorry it took me so long to follow up.

> On 2019-08-19 1:25 p.m., Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
>> Hey Sergio! I don't know if I'll be able to make it on a Monday night
>> before 21:00 (I have karate class those nights), but for a meeting place
>> with good craft beer, pretty decent food and a lots of space I'd
>> recommend MaBrasserie [1].
>> It's a brewing coop so they have a large tap selection.
>> [1]: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5485581949
> MaBrasserie is a good choice, but a bit "far away from metro stations".
> that said, if you're willing to use bicycles, bixi makes it easy to
> reach the place (there's two stations some two or three blocks away from
> there).
> otherwise, Vices & Versa is also nice, Dieu du ciel has great beer but
> is usually crowded (maybe on a monday it would be ok). Le cheval blanc
> is also a nice place and it's closer to the venue.
> if some folks are not too much into beer, there's other places we could
> meet. We can go to a park, but it'll be dark.
> We can also have dinner somewhere. istr that one of you folks have a
> vegan diet, so trying to come up with options that keep this door open:
> * Aux Vivres servers vegan salads and sandwitches/wraps.
> * Café Santropol has some pretty great homemade sandwitches with huge
> bread and really tasty stuff inside (they also have vegan sandwitches.
> * L'escalier is a vegan pub that might combine food and drinks, and it's
> very close to the venue.

I honestly don't feel capable of choosing.  I don't know any of those
places, I don't usually drink alcohol, and I don't know the city!

I'm staying near St Laurent Blvd x Blvd René-Lévesque East, but I can
easily take a bus/metro anywhere.  I don't know where others are
staying, but I'd say it's a good idea to stay close to the venue, if

Where do you guys usually meet?


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