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In Montréal - Sept 12th to 19th

Hi, guys and girls!

I just would like to mention that I will be in Montréal for GNU Cauldron
(<https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/cauldron2019>) from September 12th to 19th,
and that it would be nice to see you (some again, others for the first
time) :-).

My days will be very busy with the conference + work meeting, but I will
have Monday (16th) free, so perhaps we could do something then?

Vagrant Cascadian, Matthias Klose and probably other DDs will also be in
town for the same conference; I'll talk to them and invite them over

I've been to your beautiful city twice, but don't count on my knowledge
to pick a good place to meet!  Suggestions are very welcome.


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