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Re: Montréal Bug Squashing Party in January


So things have moved quite fast! The BSP will take place on Jan 19-20th
at Eastern Bloc, near the "De Castelnau" subway station.

Don't forget to register:


     : :'  :     Louis-Philippe Véronneau
     `. `'`      pollo@debian.org / veronneau.org
On 12/10/18 1:41 AM, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> Hey folks!
> During our last event, some of us talked about organising a Debian Bug
> Squashing Party (BSP) in January.
> Buster is coming out soon and there are a bunch of Release Critical bugs
> to fix!
> I've started jolting ideas on a wiki page here: http://deb.li/3lmoU
> Nothing is set in stone yet, but If we can land the dates and the venue
> soonish it would really help attracting people from the USA and from
> other provinces than Quebec!
> Thoughts on this? Feedback would be great :p
> Feel free to modify the wiki by adding ideas!

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