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Re: DebConf17 to be held in Montreal

Jean Privat:
> I just seen that DebConf`17 will be held at Montreal.

yes, it was decided today :)

> I am a professor at UQAM (downtown university), therefore I can help
> in some way if you need it (additional venue options or whatever)

That's great! all help is welcome.

so far, coordination should be happening here and on the IRC channel[0],
but if there's any change it will be announced here. Anyone who wants to
help is welcome to join discussions on both tools.

[0]: https://webchat.oftc.net/?channels=debian-quebec

so far, most of the discussions happened on IRC in order to avoid
flooding this list before things were concrete.

the next step is to plan a meeting to figure out if we can start moving
on things (probably mostly settling down with a workflow for
organization for now I would guess)

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