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Meeting 20160330


h01ger and I are wondering if anyone else would be interested in meeting up next Thursday, 7.30pm at Astor Place.

From #debian-nyc:

00:58 <h01ger> siretart: wednesday is better :)                                                                                          
01:24 <siretart> h01ger: works for me. Do you have a preference for a location?
01:26 <h01ger> not really
01:26 <h01ger> i liked the japanese place we've been last time
01:29 <siretart> indeed. so what about meeting at Astor Place at 6pm or something and then let's go find the place :-)
01:30 <h01ger> works for me. maybe announce this on the nyc mailing list too?
01:30 <h01ger> maybe 6 is too early for some?
01:31 <siretart> 7.00-7.30 would work for me even better, I guess
01:35 <h01ger> can you send a mail to the debian-nyc list? (i'm not on it…)
01:36 <siretart> what time shall we settle on?
01:37 <siretart> 7:15?
=>:39 [h01ger thinks 7 or 730 is better, but shrugs :) 7?]
01:40 <siretart> let's do 7.30 then
01:40 <siretart> drafting email..
01:42 [h01ger would actually prefer 7 but meh :)]

Looking forward!


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