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RSVP open: Wed January 20, Josh Aas, Founder of Let's Encrypt on Let's Encrypt

RSVP: http://rsvp.nylug.org/226703458/ (meetup redirect)

Josh Aas


Let's Encrypt: A Free, Automated, and Open CA

Talk title:

It's time for the Web security and privacy to take a big step forward
by adopting encryption via TLS for all traffic. Let's Encrypt
(letsencrypt.org) is new free, automated, and open certificate
authority created in order to help the Web take this step. This
presentation will cover how Let's Encrypt works and why it works the
way it does. We'll also talk a bit about how Let's Encrypt got started
and plans for the future.

Join us afterwards at The Storehouse Pub where we'll continue the
discussion over drinks and/or food. The Storehouse Pub is located at
69 W. 23rd Street.

Speaker Bio:
Josh Aas is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Internet Security
Research Group, the organization behind Let's Encrypt. He is also a
Senior Technology Strategist with Mozilla Corporation. In the past
Josh worked on Firefox and Gecko in the areas of networking, security,
media, and platform support. He lived in NYC for a number of years
before moving to Minneapolis in 2013.

P.S. - Please use meetup.com if you are willing, as it makes handling
RSVP much simpler. If you aren't, but still want to attend, please
shoot me an email.

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