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May 14 Btrfs, and May 29 GnuPG/OpenPGP

NYLUG is going to have two great talks this month that I think Debian
folks will definitely be interested in.

Please note that the two talks are being held in two different venues.

On Thursday May 14th, Chris Mason the creator/maintainer of BTRFS will
be talking (RSVP open now), and on Friday May 29th dkg will be talking
about OpenPGP/GPG (RSVP opening on May 15th). I expect we'll be doing
a keysigning after dkg's May 29th talk.

Details at http://rsvp.nylug.org/ (Meetup).

As always please try to use meetup for RSVP if you can as it makes our
life a lot easier, but contact me if you can't. (Please only contact
me if RSVP is open for the event you'd like to attend.)


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