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Space offer for a Dec BSP.

Someone has graciously offered to pay for a hotel room for a full
weekend in NYC. Could we run a small full weekend BSP in a hotel
room/suite this month?

If so, is anyone interested in being lead technical coordinator? (I
can help with venue, and other organizational logistics, but I don't
have the knowledge or skills to run the BSP itself. Nor do I have the
time to hone my packaging skills to the point I could run it.)

BTW here is info on last BSP in NYC (for Squeeze Release) [1] I was
shocked about how many people we had in attendance, but this was about
8 months prior to DC10, so we had a lot more out of town folks
attending, and there was a lot of energy leading into DC10.


[1] - https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2010/01/us/NewYorkCity

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