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The Debian Outreach Program for Women needs your support by Oct 22nd!

Donate to the Debian OPW matching fund here: http://debian.ch/opw2014/

Debian is once again participating in the GNOME Outreach Program.

We already have five Debian volunteers ready to mentor interns [1],
but only funds for two interns. Help us get to (at least) three

One of Debian's sponsors has offered to start a matching fund in USD
to fund Debian's participation in the Gnome Foundation's OPW (Outreach
Program for Women). If we can raise $3,125 by October 22 that means we
can mentor an additional intern ($6,250)!

- For each dollar donated by an individual to Debian through the
mechanism, the sponsor will donate another dollar to Debian
- only donations in USD will be matched
- the sponsor will match the donated funds up to a maximum total of 3 125 USD
- All money raised through this program, will be earmarked for OPW
participation, either in 2014 or in the future
- We need to raise the money for this round by Oct 22nd so please act quickly!

If you want your monetary contribution to be matched by our sponsor,
please visit http://debian.ch/opw2014/ and either chose the Paypal
button, or if you don't have a working Paypal account, please contact
opw@debian.org to make alternate payment arrangements.

Thank you for helping increase diversity in Debian and Free and Open
Source Software!


[1] - https://wiki.debian.org/OutreachProgramForWomen#Projects

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