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[Debian-NYC] RSVP is now open for the 2013 NYC Tech meta-party. (Dec 9th)

So again, DebianNYC is invited to a party we are co-coordinating with
a bunch of different groups.

RSVP at http://rsvp.nylug.org/ (meetup) or email rsvp@nycbug.org (Please RSVP!)

The Annual NYC Tech Meta-Party

When: 7:00 PM until ?, Monday, December 9, 2013

Where: the entire Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

        111 Broadway in downtown Manhattan

NYC technical user groups are joining forces to hold another holiday
party to remember!

Groups include:

- DebianNYC (New York Debian Local Group)
- DrupalNYC (Drupal New York City)
- Erlang NYC (Erlang New York City)
- Lopsa-NY (League of Professional System Administrators New York Chapter)
- LispNYC (New York City Lisp User Group)
- NYC*BUG (New York City *BSD User Group)
- NYC-Clojure (NYC Clojure Users Group)
- nycdevops (New York City Devops Meetup Group)
- NYC-OCaml (The NYC OCaml Meetup)
- NY-Haskell (New York Haskell Users Group)
- NY-Scala (New York Scala)
- PuppetNYC (New York Puppet User Group)
- SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center)
- TA3M (Techo Activist Third Mondays)
- UNIGROUP (New York City's Unix User's Group)

Everyone of all types of expertise and interests are welcome.  The
party starts at 7 PM and will continue until at least 10 PM.  It is
the ideal networking opportunity of the season, and a chance to
connect with old friends and make new ones.

Our generous sponsors are covering drinks and hors d'oeuvres for the
evening.  The current list of sponsors includes:

- New York Internet
- Prentice Hall (informIT)
- Brandorr Group
- Tumblr
- PuppetLabs
- Oracle Solaris
- TA3M
- LispNYC
- Amazon Web Services
- Your company here

Additional sponsors are welcome to join in and show their support for
New York City's technical community.  Contact us at
brian.gupta@brandorr.com  and/or george@nycbug.org

Help us make the 2013 holiday party a success!

Be sure to RSVP: http://rsvp.nylug.org (meetup) or email rsvp@nycbug.org
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