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[Debian-NYC] Moving to Seattle

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 02:06:19AM -0400, Brian Gupta wrote:
> Jimmy Kaplowitz is leaving NYC in about a week. Would be cool to give
> him a nice send off party. (And an excuse to have a Debian party).

It was great to see many familiar faces Friday night, and to meet recent NYC
transplant Catherine. I'll miss everyone! Keep being awesome, Debian-NYC.

For those who weren't there that night or reading IRC, I'm staying at Google
but moving to Seattle to work from their offices there, now officially on the
Google Compute Engine team instead of doing it as an increasingly large day-job
side project like I was before. I'm quite sad to leave NYC, but for many
reasons, this is the right choice overall.

I'm happy that some Debian community participation is relevant to that team's
focus, meaning I'll have enough time to avoid the stereotypical "vanish from
sight" fate of Debian Developer Googlers. (Regarding the stereotype, it's just
a matter of how those folks choose to balance their work vs their spare time in
the context of an intense and rewarding job, not an objection by Google to
spare-time Debian work.)

Feel free to get in touch with me (or the broader Debian Seattle group) if you
end up visiting the Seattle area and want to say hi. I'll see you at DebConf14
in Portland, if not before! (Also consider casitconf'14 and LISA '14, both in
Seattle next year.)

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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