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[Debian-NYC] Announcing Debian Matching fund for individual donations to DebConf13 (active until April 30).

From:  http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2013/07/#dc13fund

"Didier Raboud announced matching funding for donations
http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf13/dr_dc13_matching_fund.dc to
DebConf13. As part of the DebConf13 fundraising effort, a generous
sponsor, Brandorr Group, has proposed to match USD donations to
DebConf13 until 30 April explained Didier. Through this mechanism, for
each dollar donated by an individual to DebConf13, Brandorr Group will
donate another dollar. Individual donations will be matched only up to
100 USD each; only donations in USD will be matched, and Brandorr
Group will match the donated funds up to a maximum total of 5,000 USD.
This initiative will continue until Tuesday 30 April; spread the word!
For further details, you can check the donations webpage
http://debconf13.debconf.org/monetary-support ."

DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributors and
interested users. Previous Debian Conferences have featured speakers
and attendees from around the world (DebConf11 had about 300 attendees
from more than 50 different countries). Thanks to our sponsors,
participation, accommodation, and meals are free of charge to Debian
developers and contributors. DebConf13 will take place in August 2013
on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel in Vaumarcus, Switzerland. The
conference venue, “Le Camp”, offers an idyllic, yet affordable
environment for informal workgroup meetings as well as more formal
discussion sessions and technical presentations. Accommodation for
most participants will be on-site.


P.S. - If you want to participate and can't use Paypal for some
reason, please contact sponsors@debconf.org
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