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[Debian-NYC] Announcing launch of DebConf13 matching fund for individual USD donations through April 30th.

Details here: http://debconf13.debconf.org/monetary-support.en.xhtml
Short URL here: http://deb.li/dc13donate
(Please note this fund is being administered by the DebConf finance team)

Please help spread the word to any Debian sympathetic fans you may know.


Monetary support from individuals
In addition to the standard possibilities for donating to DebConf13,
Brandorr Group has proposed to start a matching fund for DebConf13 in
dollars (USD):

- for each dollar donated by an individual to DebConf13 through the
mechanism below, Brandorr Group will donate another dollar;
- individual donations will be matched only up to 100 USD each;
- only donations in USD will be matched;
- Brandorr Group will match the donated funds up to a maximum total of
5 000 USD.
- this generous offer will only stay in place through the end of April
30th, please act quickly!


P.S. - This uses Paypal to make it easier for people, but if someone
wants to participate through a method other than Paypal, we can
discuss with DebConf team off-line. (Please feel free to contact me
DebianNYC mailing list

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