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[Debian-NYC] local conference on 30 March talking about NYC-specific open source


"Call for Talks

We're looking for talks centered on projects and organizations that are
connected with NYC, either in origin or impact, or ideally both. Though
we expect many talks to have a technical orientation, one of the
objectives of the conference is reaching as diverse an audience as
possible. We'd love to hear about:

    How open source is powering your NYC-based company or nonprofit,
especially in finance, media, advertising or culture
    How you're using open source with a local impact (e.g. building /
operating a NYC-based physical goods factory, organizing a NYC-based
community group)
    Discussions of the open source community in NYC, its evolution or impact
    Discussions of state / local policy touching on open source
    NYC-based artists discussing how they use open source in projects
visible in NYC"
Sumana Harihareswara
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