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[Debian-NYC] Friday 1 April and Saturday 2 April 2011: Mobile Security Hackday and UN School Install Fest

  what="two official announcements"
  first="'Don\'t be fooled' Mobile Security Hackday
         hosted by Guardian Project (GP) and Mobile Active (MA),
         see first announcement for more information"
  second="Install Fest at United Nations International School
          hosted by UNIS and Raul Cuza,
          see second announcement for more information"
  note="rsvps are requested for both events, see details below"
  edits="tail material of first announcement trimmed,
         odd characters replaced in second"
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 From: Nathan of Guardian <nathan@guardianproject.info>
 Date: March 25, 2011 10:56:04 AM EDT
 To: guardian-dev <guardian-dev@lists.mayfirst.org>, 
 Subject: [guardian-dev] "Don't be fooled" Mobile Security Hackday

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 "Don't be fooled" Mobile Security Hackday
 sponsored by the Guardian Project & Mobile Active

 Location: openMobileLab, 127 west 27st, Suite 702, NYC.
 Time: Friday, 1 April 2011 from 9:30 till 5:00. Beer O'Clock from 5:00
 till 7:00.

 Hashtag: #safermobile
 Event URL:

 About Event:

 To celebrate April Fools Day and to highlight mobile phone & digital
 network insecurities, the Guardian Project (GP) and Mobile Active (MA)
 are hosting "Don't be Fooled", part of a new #SaferMobile initiative.
 This hackday will showcase mobile tools to enhance security, profile
 GP's open-source tools and feature a room for p2p conversations about
 mobile security.

 Do to the intimate size of the venue, we are caping RSVPs at 30.

 * 20 "developers / hackers" who want to learn about developing secure
 mobile phone services. (RSVP on GP's wiki)


 * 10 p2p'rs who want to root their phones / learn about mobile security.
 (RSVP on GP's wiki)


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 Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 23:24:59 -0400
 From: Raul Cuza <raulcuza@gmail.com>
 To: Debian-NYC List <debiannyc@vireo.org>
 Subject: [Debian-NYC] Linux Installation Festival * April 2 12pm - 5pm

 * Reminder and apologies to those that keep a well oiled calendar *

 There will be a Linux Installation Festival on April 2 from 12pm to
 5pm (ish) at the United Nations International School (24-50 FDR Drive
 New York, NY 10010-4046). You are cordially invited. Please reply to
 [raulcuza at gmail dot com] if you are interested in coming so I have
 a sense of the numbers.


 This event is open to anyone interested in Linux. Newbies as well as
 sages are welcomed.


 I have about 30 old desktops that will be given away to interested
 families after they have been fixed up and prepared with Linux.
 Instead of doing this work in a dark office all alone, I would like to
 do the work with and in the company of fellow Linux enthusiast.

 Things that would be good to bring:
   gigi hubs
   your favorite Linux repositories
   install media (CD, USB)
   DVD burners
   tools (if you want to turn the X broken computers into Y working computers,
   where Y < X)

 Things UNIS will provide:
   power and power strips
   Internet access
   big open space with a view of the East River
   30 machines itching to be cleaned up and given a new life for a new family

 Lunch can be delivered if people are interested in ordering something.


 April 2, from 12 PM to 5 PM


 United Nations International School
 24-50 FDR Drive
 New York, NY 10010-4046

 Please reply to [raulcuza at gmail dot com] if you are interested in
 coming so I have a sense of the numbers.
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