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[Debian-NYC] FreedomBox Foundation seeks Community Relations Facilitator


The FreedomBox Foundation is taking steps to put this project firmly on
its feet.  Step One is fostering the community conversation that will
steer this project to success.  Toward that end, we're hiring a
community relations facilitator.  Please make sure this ad reaches the
right people.

The FreedomBox Foundation seeks a motivated, talented, freedom-obsessed
individual to manage community and press relations for the FreedomBox
project.  Responsibilities will include coordinating public and press
outreach, organizing project events, managing our social networking
presences, and consistent messaging.

Prior experience in community relations, journalism, or PR is great,
especially in the free software community.  Previous experience with
social media is strongly preferred and we encourage you to submit
profile or other account names so we can see your previous work in the
medium and your facility with the current tools.  If the FreedomBox is
the most important thing you want to be doing with your time right now,
you are the person we want to talk to.

To maximize efficiency and financial resources, a successful candidate
will work for (and be paid by) both the FreedomBox Foundation and the
Software Freedom Law Center.

Please send resumes in an open file format (plain text preferred) to
press@freedomboxfoundation.org.  Salary will depend on experience and
time commitment.

Best regards,
James Vasile
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