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[Debian-NYC] Novice Nights


Who would like to have the proposed "Novice Nights" sometime?  (The
name is thanks to Keith, I like it better than "Newbie Nights" since
it sounds less condescending to me).

Hans - would you still like to have this at NYC Resistor?  What days
would work for you?  I can do most days except Monday and Wednesday
(and some Fridays).  After you let me know what works for you, I'll
make a poll to find a time.

Other Debian-NYC teachers/mentors - who would come to an event
designed to help beginners with installation and configuring?  (If
you've run Debian for a while, you probably count in this).

We should advertise this beyond just this mailing list, to try to
expand.  I have more brainstorming about how to make this good, but
that can come in a bit.  What are your thoughts and goals for Novice

- richard

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