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Re: [Debian-NYC] Report on NYLUG presentation

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 09:16:07 -0400, Richard Darst <rkd@zgib.net> wrote:
> The presentation served well for letting people know about tools.  I
> think we've got at least several more eager workshop attendees from
> this.  We should definitely let NYLUG lists know about future
> workshops - there were requests for this specifically.  We should try
> to have a workshop soon to keep this momentum up.  I even got a couple
> of volunteers to (tentatively) give a workshop on Debian clusters
> sometime.

Is there any interest in doing a workshop about managing large numbers
of computers running Debian?

I think that Debian provides a lot of things that make it easier to deal
with a large number of machines. Maybe we could have a series of quick
talks that discuss some critical components for this like packaging
repositories, Puppet, Monkeysphere, etc. I know that there are many
people on this list that are very knowledgable on those things :) 

It may be a bit harder to do something hands on with this, but I think
that it's definitely something that Debian rules at.

Also, regardless of workshop or presentation topic, CG will be happy to 
provide a meeting space for Debian workshops. If you need a space, I can
help coordinate. 

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