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[Debian-NYC] Fwd: [nylug-announce] NYLUG Presents: 7/21 @ 6:30PM Gabriella Coleman, James Keenan, Jon Stanley on Debian & Debconf 10, Rakudo*, and New Fedora Performance Tuning Features

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Date: Jul 16, 2010 8:58 PM
Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG Presents: 7/21 @ 6:30PM Gabriella Coleman, James Keenan, Jon Stanley on Debian & Debconf 10, Rakudo*, and New Fedora Performance Tuning Features
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
590 Madison Ave, 12th Floor
corner of 57th Street

*** RSVP Closes at 4:30 PM the day of the meeting (sharp!) ***
Please RSVP for EVERY meeting at this time.
Register at http://rsvp.nylug.org/
Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge.

Gabriella Coleman, James Keenan, Jon Stanley
- on -
Debian & Debconf 10, Rakudo*, and
New Fedora Performance Tuning Features

Professor Coleman will tell us about Debconf 10 which will be held August
1st through 7th right here in New York City. This will be the first time
the conference is being held in America, so it is a great opportunity for
us to participate and learn. She will cover some of Debconf's history and
update us on the schedule of events and talks. This will also be a chance
to volunteer to fulfill some remaining roles that could help make the
conference even better for our guests.

On July 29, Rakudo* (pronounced "rakudo star"), the first user-friendly
distribution built around an implementation of the Perl 6 programming
language, will be released. In this talk, James Keenan will provide a
brief introduction to Rakudo*:

* What is it?
* How does it differ from Perl 6 itself?
* Who is its intended audience?
* How do you get it?
* How can you learn it?
* What does that asterisk in its name mean?

Fedora has some great new performance analysis features that can help you
obtain the best performance from your hardware possible. Jon Stanley will
introduce us to some of these tools such as perf, latencytop, and systemmap
in a hands on demo. He will also make an overview of Fedora 13 features.

More information:

* DebConf 10 NYC

* Rakudo*

* Fedora

About the speakers:
Trained as an anthropologist, Gabriella (Biella) Coleman examines the
ethics of online collaboration/institutions as well as the role of the law
and digital media in sustaining various forms of political activism.
Between 2001-2003 she conducted ethnographic research on computer hackers
primarily in San Francisco, the Netherlands, as well as those hackers who
work on the largest free software project, Debian. She is completing a
book manuscript "Coding Freedom: Hacker Pleasure and the Ethics of Free and
Open Source Software" (under contract with Princeton University Press).
She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including ones from the
National Science Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Ford
Foundation, and the Social Science Research Council. She is on leave
during the 2010-2011 academic year at the Institute for Advanced Study in
Princeton, NJ.

James E Keenan has been hacking Perl since 2000. He is the author or
maintainer of 15 distributions on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
(CPAN). He has co-led Perl Seminar New York since its founding ten years
ago and has spoken or led workshops at numerous Perl conferences and user
groups in the United States and Canada. He is active, principally in
testing, in the Parrot virtual machine project, one of the underpinnings of
Rakudo Perl. Jim first attended NYLUG in 2000 and spoke at NYLUG in
October 2006. He is a senior software developer at a leading email
services and campaign management provider in New York City.

Jon Stanley is a longtime Fedora contributor and is currently a member of
the Fedora Board. He has previously presented at NYLUG. He is currently
most aligned with the Fedora Infrastructure team, where he keeps the
servers that make Fedora possible running 24/7. He can be found on IRC as
jds2001 in various Fedora channels and #nylug on Freenode.

Meeting Location:
Please note that this meeting will be held at IBM, 590 Madison Ave,
12th floor, corner of 57th Street, and not at Google. This is
the building with the IBM logo on the front of the building.


Swag (Give Away):
During/after the meeting... unusually terrific swag may be given

After the meeting ... You may wish to join up with other NYLUGgers
for drinks and pub food. This month we'll be over at TGI Friday's
(677 Lexington and 56th Street, Second floor, Northeast corner),
but we are also evaluating other options for the future and welcome
your suggestions.


Coding Workshops/Hacking Society:
This is a group of people that wants to learn about and work on coding
in Python, Smalltalk, C++, and other languages, and hack on code.
Sometimes they go out to eat afterward.

Bring something to show off and discuss!

The workshops meet every other Tuesday, at the NY Public Library,
Hudson Park Branch. 66 Leroy St. NY NY from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Next meetings are July 20, and August 3.
See the calendar at: http://nylug.org/hackcalendar

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