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[Debian-NYC] Fwd: Free Culture Alliance NYC

Hi Debian NYC folks--

Richard of the Free Culture Alliance NYC (cc'ed here) asked me to
forward this invitation to Debian NYC.

I'm not entirely sure what participation by debian folks in this group
would mean, or if we even possess the organizational structure capable
of explicitly delegating someone to "represent" Debian NYC in the
context the free culture alliance.

However, the list of groups there do seem like natural allies who could
maybe have good reason to want more direct contact with Debian, and
Debian might be able to get more use and more exposure if we engage with
them.  What do y'all think?

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Hi Daniel,

BTW, would Debian NYC be at all interested in joining your friendly
local Free Culture Alliance?

I think our little umbrella group may be a bit short on the real coders :)


Wikimedia NYC

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