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[Debian-NYC] ordering guruplugs


We had talked about a bulk order of guruplugs.  I saw shipping was $12
+ $2/plug.  (jtag didn't have a significant effect on shipping, if any)

number / shipping per plug
1 12.00
2  7.00
3  5.33
4  4.50
5  4.00
6  3.66

So, if you would like one, please tell me.  Some considerations:

- Payment after I order, before delivery risk of messed-up orders is
  distributed to all of us

- I'd rather not get too many payments in cash (2-3)

- I'd rather not order too many total for the amount I put out, 3-4
  seems ideal, and anyway after that the amount saved on shipping
  diminishes.  But perhaps if there are enough people we can do
  multiple bulk orders.

If you are interested, please let me know.

- richard

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