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[Debian-NYC] Debian Workshops

Hi everyone,

At software freedom day last week, I started discussing an idea I have
which for now I'll call "Debian workshops".  The idea would be to
provide a way to spread knowledge, and to provide a place for
collaborative work.

The idea for a first workshop was a simple packaging/bugfix tutorial,
where people would learn how to get a package source, the basics of
modifying and patching to make a local version, and contributing the
fix upstream.  Even for people who don't aspire to be DDs, this would
be a useful, and empowering, lesson.  The target audience would be
people who already have the coding skills to make useful
contributions, but don't know that it is so easy to become a part of
the community or modify Debian for their own use.

I've sketched some basic plans here[0]: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianNYC

>From talking to people at as Software Freedom Day, it seems there
would be plenty of people both interested in attending, and interested
in teaching some skills or leading sessions.

Before I do much more development, I'd invite people to comment on
what they would like to get, or give, to sessions like these.  Feel
free to either reply here, or edit the wiki page above.  A basic idea
of the level of interest would help, too.

As for actually making these happen, I will put forth the logistical
work to actually start them (finding space and people and putting them
together), if there is enough positive reaction.


- Richard

[0] Which may also become DebianNYC's home (I expect reorganization
once there is more information, to not leave the workshops info on the
front page)

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