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[Debian-NYC] DebConf10 Meeting: Visa issues, 2009 April 29, 20:00 EDT

Greetings all,

We have our first real DebConf10 meeting on Wednesday, April 29, at
20:00 EDT (23:59 UTC).  This meeting will mainly discuss visas to the
US.  We'll have with us a free-software supporting lawyer with
knowledge of the visa application process as well as border searches.
We are beginning so early since the process takes so long for certain
countries, as well as to have information to present during DebConf9.

The meeting will be on IRC, in the #debconf-nyc channel on OFTC
(irc.debian.org).  It will be logged and meeting minutes will be
posted to the list afterward.

I'm crossposting this to the debian-nyc as well as the
debconf10-localteam lists, as a reminder of the localteam list.  If
you'd like to be involved, you can sign up at
http://lists.debconf.org/mailman/listinfo/debconf10-localteam and lurk
until we become more active.  We'll stop crossposting at some time.

- Richard

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