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[Debian-NYC] Press contacts for DebConf10. (and question about a separate mailing list)

Hi guys,

I've volunteered to help the global DebConf press team compile a list
of local US/NYC press contacts, for a distribution list regarding
DebConf10 related news. Please let me know if you guys know some
people who should be included in the distribution list.

Also I'm wondering what people think about starting a new mailing list
to discuss DC10 stuff now that we have been selected. IE: I know
people didn't seem to mind the occasional DC10 related email, while we
were planning the bid, but not that we have been selected, I expect
that local team traffic will go up. Do people prefer we keep the
traffic on this list, or should we move to a separate list. (As of yet
there hasn't been alot of traffic, so I may be solving a problem that
doesn't exist yet.)

My vote is to stick to this list for now, until traffic levels go up.


- Brian Gupta

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