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[Debian-NYC] DebConf decision meeting / get-together next weekend

Hello everyone,

So, tomorrow is DebConf10 decision meeting.  Our bid is all prepared,
and we're hoping for a good show.  Our pages are at:


The agenda for the meeting is here:


We think we have a good shot, but it's very hard to tell.  Multiple
bids are turning out very similar on many counts.

The meeting is at 2pm EST (19:00 UTC).  If you want to support us
(spectators!), we will be in #debconf-nyc, the main decision talk will
be on #debconf-team, with some other channel for audience
chatter. Some audience questions from the designated chatter channel
will be forwarded to the main channel by some of the
non-bid-affiliated people.  Jimmy (Hydroxide) and I (MrBeige) will be
the two designated NYC people to speak for our bid in the main
decision channel.  Suggestions and comments (and fun) on #debconf-nyc
during it are welcome, as well as on the chatter channel.

We'll have an celebration, either of winning or our great effort, next
weekend.  We are thinking 8pm on Saturday, Feb 28.  For now we are
thinking Pacific Standard, but both location and time/date could
change based on your feedback.  (It has a subtle purpose of being a
local team recruiting event, to some degree, too-- but volunteers for
DC9 and DC10 regardless of location are awesome, too. If you are
interested, feel free to check out http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Jobs
and see if anything suits your fancy, and speak up in person, on IRC,
or via email.)

- Richard
... and all the rest of the team.

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