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[Debian-NYC] Debconf10 Bid - Hostelling International Tour

Hello everyone,

We are continuing the bid process to bring DebConf10 (in 2010) to
NYC.  Our latest status pages are at:


We've advanced the venue selection process to focusing on Hostelling
International, on the Upper West Side at 103rd and Amsterdam.

We have a date set up for a group tour: tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan 27th,
at 6:30pm.  We'll meet at the HI lobby which is exactly at
http://xrl.us/bedthq .

So far Jimmy, Clint, and myself are confirmed to be coming.  If you'd
like to come, let us know either by email or at our IRC channel at
#debconf-nyc @ oftc.  Previous debconf volunteers/attendees are
encouraged to come...

Let us know on the list or irc if you have any questions, or if you
want to help us out in other ways.

- Richard
(MrBeige @ oftc)

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