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[Debian-NYC] Saturday big party!

So what are you doing this Saturday? Probably just hacking, like the
rest of us, so why dont you come hack with us? Or, did you forget? 

This Saturday will be a raging Debian Bug Squashing Party, and there is
no good excuse for not coming!

Seriously, try me.

If we can get almost 40 people to come out to Brooklyn to drink to
Debian, then we better get that many when its time to knuckle down and
do some work (while still drinking).

You do not have to be a "Debian Developer" or a "Debian Maintainer" to
go, you do not have to be a (mega|super|uber|ultra)-tech-god(dess)? to
participate, all you have to have is a pulse, a laptop the ability
to install Debian and a willingness to try. If you are not sure if you
have a pulse, come anyway and we can help you determine that.

Seriously, the barrier to entry is not high, the environment is friendly
and welcoming, and we are going to be social as well as try and solve
problems, at the same time!

Logistical details are here, it would help if you RSVP'd on the page:

Anyone who does not come to the BSP will have to buy stew a drink at the
next social event.


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