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[Debian-NYC] Friday 28 December 2007 Deadline for Comments to New York CIO about open standards for state documents

Please forgive tardiness of this notice.  New York State will
likely decide on a Statewide Official Standard Jumbo Office Suite
Format next year.  Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, Chief
Information Officer for the State of New York, and Head of Task
for this decision, has called for advice from New York State
residents.  The deadline for getting comments in is

5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
Friday 28 December 2007

The main issue here is that Microsoft is attempting to have their
fraud "OOXML" declared an Official New York State Standard for
all state government documents stored on computers.  OOXML is not
a standard format.  Indeed today, no software writes OOXML, and
no software reads OOXML.  OOXML has no published documentation,
despite Microsoft's claims.  But even if, one day, some Microsoft
software writes and reads files claimed to be in OOXML format,
New York State should not accept any format controlled by a
private interest.  New York State should not force any format
which, in practice, can only be manipulated by source secret
software, on any resident.

The call for comments, which is a long two part document, gives
evidence that Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart will take seriously
careful clear comments.  I ask defeatists on our side to consider
that Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart refers to Groklaw in the Call
for Comments.

Personal note: In my comment, I will suggest extending the
deadline, and I will suggest including in the formal evidentiary
material all public court records of Microsoft's decades long
standards and license swindles.

Below find quotes from, and pointers to, a Slashdot discussion,
and the Official Call for Comments.

>From http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/12/18/2245237


 New York Decision On ODF Vs. OOXML Approaching

 Posted by kdawson on Tuesday December 18, @08:08PM
 from the choose-wisely-young-jedi dept.

 Software Government IT christian.einfeldt writes "In August of
 2007, the State of New York passed legislation requiring its CIO,
 Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, to gather information on the advantages
 and disadvantages of adopting either ODF or OOXML as a document
 standard, and to report her findings by 15 January 2008. As part
 of her duties under that legislation, the CIO issued a Request
 For Public Comment to get feedback on the topic. The deadline for
 that public comment is 28 December 2007 so there is still time
 for the Slashdot crowd to be heard."

Here is the prologue to the full call for comments, from
http://www.oft.state.ny.us/oftnews/erecords-study.htm :


 CIO/OFT Request for Public Comment (RFPC)

 Request for Public Comment - A study concerning electronic record policy for New York State.

 RFPC # 122807

 In its 2007 session, the New York State Legislature directed NYS
 Chief Information Officer/Director of the Office For Technology,
 Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, to gather stakeholder input regarding
 the mechanisms and processes for obtaining access to and reading
 electronic data so that such data can be created, maintained,
 exchanged, and preserved by the state in a manner that encourages
 appropriate government control, access, choice, interoperability,
 and vendor neutrality.

 Specifically, the law requires:

 "The director shall study how electronic documents and the
 mechanisms and processes for obtaining access to and reading
 electronic data can be created, maintained, exchanged, and
 preserved by the state in a manner that encourages appropriate
 government control, access, choice, interoperability, and vendor
 neutrality. The study shall consider, but not be limited to, the
 policies of other states and nations, management guidelines for
 state archives as they pertain to electronic documents, public
 access, expected storage life of electronic documents, costs of
 implementation, and savings. The director shall solicit comments
 regarding the creation, maintenance, exchange, and preservation
 of electronic documents by the state from stakeholders, including
 but not limited to, the office of the state comptroller, the
 office of the attorney general, the state archives, and the state
 historian. The director shall also solicit comments from members
 of the public. The director shall report findings and
 recommendations to the governor, the speaker of the assembly, and
 the temporary president of the senate on or before January
 fifteenth, two thousand eight."

 Laws of 2007, Chapter 477 (codified at New York State Technology Law - 305(4))

 CIO/OFT is issuing this RFPC to help direct the findings and
 recommendations of the required study.

 The RFPC is in two parts, an initial list of general questions,
 and a second portion with very detailed questions. CIO/OFT
 designed it this way with the hope that including general
 questions might elicit greater input from members of the public
 interested in the broader issues but not necessarily concerned
 with the more granular aspects of electronic records creation and

 All stakeholders are encouraged to submit responses to all or
 parts of the RFPC, irrespective of whether they currently do
 business with or intend to participate in future procurements by
 CIO/OFT and/or the State of New York. No contract will be awarded
 based on responses to this RFPC.  Response Instructions

 Responses are due by: December 28, 2007, 5:00 PM EST

 Responses should be in writing, preferably sent by electronic mail to:

 Darlene Van Sickle, Principal Attorney
 New York State Office for Technology
 State Capitol, ESP - PO Box 2062
 Albany, NY 12220-0062
 FAX: (518) 486-7923

 E-mail: erecords-study@oft.state.ny.us

Part II of the questions is at


For more information about the Open Document Format see


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