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Debian Meeting/Party Friday 2004/01/07 (Tomorrow)


This is quite last minute but...

Jimmy Kaplowitz of Debian and SPI fame has one more weekend in town
and I think it would be great if we all met for the keysigning and
such. I have Ubuntu CDs in abundance.

Here's my suggestion:

For folks that want to, lets meet at or around 630 at the belgian beer
bar (it's technically called Vol De Nuit but there are no signs and
nobody actually knows the name). It's sort down a little alley just
east of the little park with the basketball courts near the
A,B,C,D,E,F,V stop.

The address is:

  Vol De Nuit
  148 West 4th Street

We can hang out there for an hour or so, grab some dinner, and then
for those with stamina, we can head back for a
party/hacksession/whatever at my place in Washington Heights (or
elsewhere if someone has something better). It's about half an hour
from there on the subway. Call if you want to meet there and I can
give you and online directions page. It's super easy.

If you can't make 630 but want to meet up later, let the list know and
then give me a call at 206-409-7191 and I can tell you where we

I hope a bunch of folks can show up! I haven't met most of you.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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