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Re: On the tenth and ultimate FSCONS

The Website for FSCons this year is updated and up now :::


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Date: Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 6:32 AM
Subject: On the tenth and ultimate FSCONS
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Dear friends and participants of FSCONS,

As we have entered 2016, the next FSCONS will be the tenth one. This
obviously necessitates a celebration, to make FSCONS 2016 a very
special event.

However, at the same time the core organisers have experienced a high
workload. Too many things are still being done by too few people, and
our efforts to bring more people into the fold have not been as
successful as we had hoped.

Therefore, the board's proposal to the Yearly Meeting of Föreningen
FSCONS is that FSCONS 2016 should not only be a celebration of the
conference's 10th anniversary, but also the very last one. We propose
to make FSCONS 2016 a worthy ending to a great conference.

To reduce the workload for the conference, we also propose that we
simplify the organising greatly. The simplest way of accomplishing
this is to find a place where many of the troubling aspects are fixed
for us, such as conference centre, preferably one that lies in the
rural areas close to Gothenburg and includes accommodation for all

This implies a few things. Firstly, the cost for each participant will
be somewhat higher than it has been, essentially assuming cost price,
as we do not wish to rely on sponsors. On the upside, food and
accommodation will be included in the price. Secondly, we will have to
reduce the number of participants, tracks and speakers. While we want
to leave the exact number open to suggestions from both the public and
the Yearly Meeting, we think that we reasonably could aim for fifty to
a hundred participants, of whom ten or twelve are speakers and not
really have any named tracks. As we have had many fantastic speakers
during our ten years, we propose to invite some of our favourites from
past conferences, and thus make FSCONS 2016 a somewhat retrospective

If FSCONS is to continue as a yearly conference beyond 2016, we would
like to see more people coming forward and being willing to take on
responsibilities in the association. As FSCONS is run by a registered,
democratic organisation, this would have to happen before the Yearly
Meeting, which most likely would take place in April. In any case, we
would appreciate feedback on this proposal from anyone who has
participated in FSCONS in the past. Feedback should preferably go to
the FSCONS organisers' list org@lists.fscons.org

With hopes of a splendid celebration,
The FSCONS Board
Andreas, Leif-Jöran and Stian
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