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Call for localization sprint organizer[s] for MiniDebConf Palakkad


You might have already heard, MiniDebConf Palakkad 2022 is being organized in NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala on 12th and 13th November. As has been a tradition in Debian events, we're missing a localization sprint where new comers are introduced to translating Debian and existing members meet and brainstorm on next actions, leading to more accessible Debian. Localization sprint seems to have proven very fruitful and have been first step into Debian for many of the present active members.

Calling for the Debian India community members and localization contributors to organize and propose a localization sprint. We do expect more curious minds, as the event is hosted in college premises. Call for proposal [2] is open till 21st, next week.

Feel free to contact MiniDebConf India mail alias [in CC] for any support.

[1] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org/
[2] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org/contribute/cfp/

Sahil Dhiman


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