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MiniDebConf Palakkad 2022: Call for Proposals is open now!


MiniDebConf Palakkad 2022[0], which will take place at NSS College of
Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala from November 12th to 13th, 2022, is now
open for proposals. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, October
21, 2022. 

An html version of this is available at [1].

* Introduction

Hosted by FOSS NSS (the Free Software club of NSS College) and
organised by the Debian India community with support from Debian,
MiniDebConf Palakkad 2022 aims to introduce and propagate Debian and
Free Software among college students in Kerala.

The event will run from 1000 to 1700 hours IST (0430-1130 UTC) over two

* Submitting an Event

You can now submit an event[2] proposal. In addition to traditional
presentations, we also have informal sessions known as BoFs (from
"birds of a feather"), which can include anything from discussion
sessions to workshops.  
Regular sessions may either be 20 or 45 minutes long (including time
for questions). If your session requires a significantly different
amount of time, please contact us about it.

There will be a dedicated session for lightning talks (short talks of
maximum 5 minutes), for which submissions will be requested closer to
the conference.

We are currently set up for talks in English and Malayalam. However, if
you are more comfortable presenting in another language from the
subcontinent, we would be more than happy to consider your proposal!

In order to submit a talk, you will need to create an account[3] on the
site. We suggest that Debian Salsa[4] account holders (including DDs
and DMs) use their Salsa login when creating an account. However, this
isn’t necessary, as you can sign up with an e-mail address and

* Timeline

 - Talk Submission deadline: Friday, October 21st 2022
 - Acceptance notification: Sunday, October 23rd 2022
Topics can be anything that is relevant to Debian and Free Software.

* Talks

We are planning this event as a physical event, and speakers are
expected to give their talks in person. In cases where the speaker in
unable to be present at the venue, we can arrange a video conferencing
facility only if the speaker is willing to interact live with the
audience. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pre-recorded talks at
this event. If, after being selected, you are no longer able to give
your presentation, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we
can offer your time slot to another potential speaker.

* Code of Conduct

The event is covered by a Code of Conduct[5] designed to ensure
everyone’s safety and comfort. The code applies to all attendees,
including speakers, and to the content of all presentations. Do not
hesitate to contact us by mail at <india [dot] mini [at] debconf [dot]
org> if you have any questions or are unsure about certain content
you’d like to present.

* Video Coverage

As this is a purely in-person conference, talks will not be streamed
live over the internet. Unless speakers opt out, scheduled talks can be
recorded and published later under the DebConf license[6] (MIT/Expat),
along with presentation slides.

Please note that, although we will make your wishes known to the
participants, we cannot control whether attendees record and publish
your talk.

* Questions/Queries

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the
organizers at <india [dot] mini [at] debconf [dot] org>

See you all at the conference!

MiniDebConf Palakkad Team 

[0] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org
[1] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org/contribute/cfp/
[2] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org/talks/new/
[3] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org/accounts/login/
[4] https://salsa.debian.org/users/sign_in
[5] https://in2022.mini.debconf.org/about/coc/
[6] https://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/LICENSE

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