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Re: hi

On 17 August 2021 8:04:11 pm IST, Talha Khan <talhak2111@gmail.com> wrote:
>Is there any mini debconf in near future? and also is there where group i
>can join with Indian debian devs
Hello Talha,

We do not have a Mini DebConf India in the pipeline now, but we do have some Indian language talks happening during DebConf21 Online [0].

We do have an IRC channel #debian-in on OFTC (not very active though).

We also have a matrix room [1]  (this group was created while we were bidding for DebConf India) where a lot of Debian India people hang out.

[0] https://debconf21.debconf.org/schedule/
[1] https://matrix.to/#/!svjpRXifSVqgcchlTS:poddery.com?via=poddery.com&via=matrix.org&via=diasp.in

>On Tue, Aug 17, 2021, 8:02 PM Talha Khan <talhak2111@gmail.com> wrote:

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