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Debconf 2022 in India and not india visa page page not helpful.

Dear all,
I was having a discussion with some people online as to how India is a
great country for tourism. When the discussion became intense, they
asked me to look at the India visa page from a foreigner's/tourists
eyes [1] . To my sadness, it was bereft of lot of information which
should be there at first glance. For instance, what is tourist visa
fee which lot of people would be looking at, and this is typically
Indian way [2] , saying a lot but saying nothing which needs to be
shared. Due to debconf applications, I had the pleasure of looking at
least 10 odd nations so know what they should have. Just for reference
sake, I had a look at the Kazakstan visa site and found it to be much
richer than our Indian site [3].

Why Kazakstan, because I have been following an Indian youtuber and
his travels around the globe and right now he is in kazakstan or
sharing videos of there [4]

After having an incredible marketing message in 'Incredible India'
such things are/were not expected :( . This is going to make things
harder for us, not easier.

1. https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html
2. https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/visa-fee.html
3. https://www.visakazakhstan.com/
4. https://www.youtube.com/user/mountaintrekkerindia/videos

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0

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