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Fwd: And DebConf21 goes to...

So finally we have it... Congrats to all who were part of the bid and others who haven't been involved yet, join us!

From: Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org>
Sent: February 21, 2020 12:19:05 AM GMT+05:30
To: DebConf Announce <debconf-announce@lists.debian.org>
Cc: DebConf Team <debconf-team@lists.debian.org>
Subject: And DebConf21 goes to...

Dear DebConf members,
Dear Friend of the conference,

This time, again, we faced quite a hard decision. During the second
public bid review meeting we had to address RC-level issues with each
of the three bids remaining in the race. See
<20200131082958.GA22815@debian.org> if you want to recap these issues.

India managed to solve these quickly, Kosovo the same and - kudos
Enkelena and the FLOSSK team - very impressively, too.
Unfortunately the issues in Portugal are somewhat outside the control
of the dedicated and hardworking bid team from Lisbon. The university
has both indetermined construction work in the main talk room,
rendering it defunct for an unknown duration, as well as a new
management that did not commit in time. So we have to hope for a
Mini-DC in Lisbon as soon as the university is able to host us.

Both Kosovo and India are equally strong bids that the DCC felt
comfortable awarding the Debian Developers' conference to.
As we committed to prioritize Europe for the 2021 DebConf
(cf. <427a4225-2e6b-8e0c-68ed-5d4a93c3ca89@debian.org>), we
unanimously leaned towards Kosovo for next year.

So congrats, team Kosovo:
DebConf21 will be in July / August 2021 at the University of Pristina
(Universiteti i Prishtinës) in Kosovo!
We are very much looking forward to coming and experiencing your
renowned hospitality.

But ... the Indian bid is so strong, we decided to go ahead and take
the decision for the following year.
Why? Because they need to move out of our normal "European summer"
time frame due to the monsoon season.
So we think it is a good idea to give attendees a lot of lead time to
free the middle - end of September 2022 and prepare for long flights
and - ideally - a bit longer holidays than usually. We will be happy
if you also join us in 2022 for DebConf22 in Kochi, Kerala, India.
Congrats team India!

Please join us in congratulating the winning teams, help drying a tear
or two in Portugal and let's all work together to make awesome
DebConfs happen!

All the best
- Gunnar Wolf
for the DebConf committee

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