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Re: Congrats to Utkarsh, 11th and youngest DD from India

On 2020, ജനുവരി 1 9:48:10 PM IST, "s18@stof999.ch" <s18@stof999.ch> wrote:
>congrat also. but where to find debian people down in the south?
>Location: geo:8.805265,78.14528?z=14

4 Debian Developers and many more contributors in Kerala. If you are coming to Kerala, let me know.

>swiss, using debian since long. 
>and us all the best. lgs
>On 26 December 2019 20:34:33 GMT+05:30, Utkarsh Gupta
><guptautkarsh2102@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi Jonas,
>>On 26/12/19 4:10 am, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>> Quoting Utkarsh Gupta (2019-12-25 23:20:49)
>>>> Hiya,
>>>> On 25/12/19 1:22 pm, Pirate Praveen wrote:
>>>>> He just uploaded his first package!
>>>> Many thanks to you (and all) for the help, mentoring, and support!
>>> Wohoo - congrats, Utkarsh!
>>Many thanks! :D
>>Hope to see you soon and talk about the remaining Bitcoin story!

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